Hire lighting services in London

If you are planning for a party for the weekend or planning to celebrate your birthday with your girlfriend, you will choose a space where the lighting arrangements match the mood. Providing lighting services comes with great responsibility as improper lighting arrangements will spoil the mood and in turn affect the energy at the event.This is where the most professional approach in London lighting is provided by True Sound Hire.Since its inception in 2001, True Sound Hire has been providing the customer delightful and technologically advanced services in the field of London lighting.


Professional packaging for production, extreme care in handling the equipment and the huge inventory are the specialties of the company form its competitors. The company’s adaptive behavior in keeping up with the global market trends and advancements helps in keeping up the market leader in the field. This adaptive nature is well evident from the decision to invest on 100w COB LED zoom Fresnel’s which is the sure successor for all ETC Source 4 Fresnels.


The company makes sure customer delight is achieved in each venture. R5 beams which are supplied by the competitor imported from China makes it difficult for the customer to call to China for customer support. To solve this problem faced by the customers, True Sound Hire provides the inventory of R5 beams for UK Company – Prolight.


The website truesoundhire will definitely give you a proper detail on the extent of services provided in London’s lighting domain. Make sure you talk to the customer service executives at truesoundhire website before choosing the lighting service provider for you party.