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Motorola has just revved its lineup of smartphones for the third time in as many years. A lot has happened in the past year for Motorola. The company has gone from being one of the biggest names in mobile phones to being owned by Google and has now been sold to Chinese computer maker, Lenovo. The phones don’t seemed to have suffered though and the Moto G3 is a great update to probably the best selling product from Motorola in recent years. Lenovo has a record of buying great brands and not tampering with them. They have done nothing to hurt the IBM personal computing brand since acquiring it a few years ago and their ownership of Motorola has not hindered the phone maker from improving its smartphone lineup for 2015.

With the Moto G3, Motorola has once again kept what worked and made changes necessary to quell critics and bring the phone up to date for 2015. All this while maintaining the midrange price point that as made the Moto G a best seller around the world. In some countries you can even get Moto G3 cases as well as the metallic strip on the rear pf the phone, in a range of colours, at no extra cost. In the rest of the world though, white and black are your only choice and you will have to go with aftermarket Moto G3 cases if you want a little customisation.

If you get one of these aftermarket G3 cases you will have a phone that is very well protected not only from bumps, drops and scratches, thanks to the Gorilla Glass on the front of the phone, you will also have a waterproof phone. One of the big new feature additions to the Moto G for 2015 is the IPX7 rating. This means that the G3 can withstand immersions in water up to a foot deep for up to half an hour, without biting the dust. While all Motorola phones have always had great splash resistance thanks to a nano coating that the company applies to the internals of the devices, the IPX7 rating means that you can get pushed into a pool with the phone in your pocket or drop party hire l HSC tutoring it into a basin and still have a phone that works.