Mobile App Vs Mobile Website Vs Responsive Website

Each minute the Internet evolves at lightning speed, and that can be intimidating for small business owners to keep up. For most small business owners, worrying about technological leaps and trends is the least of concerns. Instead, they focus on a traditional approach that has worked thus far.

Although, a traditional outlook makes sense to some degree, mobile marketing is here to stay and slated to grow at a pace that can be daunting for smaller businesses. The only option out of this dilemma is to ramp up online presence to suit the ecosystem. As to the question of ‘how’ – the answer lies between technology of responsive websites, mobile websites and mobile applications.

Responsive Website

A responsive website uses a CSS style sheet that allows the website to look great on any device, whether it is a PC, phone or tablet of different screen sizes, the website will render perfectly. It is usually not a separate website, just a design that works for all screen sizes allowing mobile visitors to access website content optimized for smaller screens.

Mobile Website

A mobile website uses more contemporary front-end technologies like HTML5 or WebKit features without the need for backward compatibility with older browsers. A Mwebsite can be considerably inexpensive than a responsive design that requires a complex rebuild of everything, enabling enhanced user experience at much lower maintenance costs.

Mobile Apps

An app is usually designed to achieve a very precise objective. Whether it is a game or a banking app, or an app to find vegetarian restaurants in a city, they are designed to be interactive and task oriented with allowance for purchases to be made within the app. They aren’t necessary for some businesses, however, can be of great benefit for most.

Responsive Website vs. Mobile Website

Responsive websites cannot be created by simply rearranging the existing elements, especially from complex structures of full websites. Responsive design is much more expensive, it usually requires a complete overhaul of the existing website from the ground up, keeping in mind that attention to user experience is paramount.

On the other hand, if your goals are primarily oriented towards marketing and communications, a Mwebsite makes a practical first step in your mobile strategy as mobile websites have a few inherent benefits over responsive websites, including compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

MWebsites vs. Mobile Apps

Between the choice of mobile website and mobile app, the most appropriate choice depends on your end goals. Logically, it rarely makes sense to launch an app without having a Mwebsite in place. If your goal is offering mobile-friendly content to a wider audience, then a Mwebsite suits the purpose. Whereas, apps are useful when tackling a very specific purpose that cannot be effectively accomplished via a web browser.

Choose the Right POS System and Enjoy the Advantages

Make sure that you follow the right techniques that ensure guarantee profits and especially people working with restaurants and retailer business need to have a good break. There are various technologies offered by the experts that make sure that you run your business safely. The smooth running of the business is nothing but earning quality profits as a few kinds of software help one to keep a good track of various aspects. The places which generally require attention can be given quality time with the help of the new technology.

POS systems are helpful to business entrepreneurs irrespective of size and one need to make sure that they get the software form a reputed vendor. The information that is recorded using this can be tracked easily and monitoring the work becomes a very simple task. The appealing thing is that one will not lose any crucial detail of the business and can gain multiple benefits.

Seek the Help of a Team

POS is a technology which requires professional supervision in the initial stage as this is not very easy to understand. Make sure that you talk to the expert and seek the guidance in handling and maintaining a good backup of the files. This is an easy way to gain success in the business and be cautious while locating an expert. The system makes the backup files which includes the important information regarding the business. So locate a professional after a thorough research and they help you in maintaining the business safely.

By considering the business advantages one can gain through the POS one need to get this effective technology from an expert. Also the admiring feature of this system is that it reduces the expenses and increases the profits. This not just improves productivity but even reduces the tension of every business person which is common in handling the details carefully. The easiest way of storing details and utilizing them whenever necessary makes life easier and even owes a huge impact on the performance of the business.

SalesVu POS System is nothing but the software that makes the whole system to work properly. The system is one perfect technique that helps one to gain better profits in the marketing business as this becomes easy to focus on each and every aspect

How to Develop a Useful Business Mobile App

If you are planning to develop a business mobile app, you are on the right track because this is one of the effective ways to make useful contributions towards business growth in the modern world. But, remember, your business app can only be helpful if it offers successful user experience. An app which does not provide usability & fails to make needed impression is of no use to business.

You have to be very sure before the launch that your app has all such features which can play its part well to promote your brand and generate new business opportunities. To increase usability and add value to your business app, consider the below guidelines;


Before development, it is necessary to make right selection of the platform on which the app is going to develop. There are usually two purposes on which the platform of the app is selected. One is to earn money from the app and the other is to promote business so that more & more people get aware of it.

iOS is known to be the best platform to earn money from. Apple apps are downloaded more and play a vital role towards revenue. On the other hand, if the purpose is the promotion of business, Android is simply the best having users more than iOS.


Consideration of price depends upon the purpose of mobile app development. A usable & valuable paid app can make a significant difference to the business profits. In order to promote brand to a wide audience, you need to offer the app for free so that maximum downloads can be made and more people become aware of the business.


Every app has to provide useful information to its target audience. Remember that your app is useless for your audience if it is failed to let users know about the latest offers of the business, discount rates, events & recent happenings. Therefore, it is essential that the brand is promoted through the provision of information on the app.

Social Network

One of the best ways to make your app viral on social networking sites is to add a social sharing button to you app. Once your users are able to share their experiences about the app on social media, it can help your business app to attract a big crowd.


Your application can only stay updated if you keep on making timely changes. With the change of technology, you will need to add new features & functionality to your app.


In the presence of millions of mobile applications, it is needed that an app has to offer value and should possess engaging features. Such features include;

1. Select the right platform based on the purpose of development.

2. The purpose can help you also decide whether to offer free downloads or a paid application.

3. In order to develop users’ interest, provide useful business information.

4. Add social sharing options to your app.

5. Keep your app updated.

5 Features You Would Love About Phablets

In this digital world, you would want one gadget that would allow you to do your daily task efficiently. Instead of carrying your laptop, phone, tablet, and internet connecting devices, it would be more convenient to carry just one device. Manufacturers perhaps understood this need and they came up with this “phablet.”

What Is A Phablet?

This is a term referring to a gadget that is too big to be a phone, but too small to be a tablet. When mobile manufacturers launched this product in the market, consumers were not really sure what it was. It is a phone but since it has many functionalities of a tablet, thus the new moniker – phablet.

This technology was received well in the market. Many professionals are happy to have this gadget as it helps them to carry out their daily work. Here are features you would love about this smartphone.

Pen Stylus

This feature is genius as it provides better control and extra clever functionalities in typing texts. With the inclusion of pen stylus, you would not struggle typing on a big screen smartphone. It helps you to be more creative when using apps and media.


This mobile device has a sleek and sophisticated design that is not likely to change over time. Top brand manufacturers use high-end materials in order to deliver its timeless aesthetics. Surely you would love the classic style.


Attractive display is another thing to love about this type of phone. Most people stick to the simple display as it is not distracting and pleasing to the eye. You can customize it to fit your preference.

High Resolution Camera

If you often use your phone to take pictures, you would love this feature. Phablets has improved built-in camera and most consumers appreciate this. Images look more vivid and vibrant with the high resolution camera and optical image stabilization feature on this smartphone.

Good Performance

This phone delivers responsive and consistent performance, a feature that ensures positive user experience.

Long Battery Life

What you need is a phone with a long battery life. Note that when many apps are open, it can drain the battery fast. This phone can function long enough for your convenience.

These features make a phone/tablet completely outstanding. Manufacturers however continue to develop better products to address the setbacks discovered by users from the previous models. You could get better mobile phone offers and better features from the upcoming models of this smartphone.

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Mobile Computer Technology

Mobile technology is the technology used in cellular communication. Mobile code division multiple access (CDMA) technology has evolved quickly during the last few years. Ever since the beginning of this millennium, a standard mobile device has progressed from just a simple two-way pager to a mobile phone, GPS navigation device, a fixed web browser and instant messaging client, and a handheld game console.

4G Networking

One of the most significant features of 4G mobile networks is the dominance of high-speed packet transmissions or traffic burst within channels. The same codes used for 2G/3G networks are applied to 4G mobile or wireless networks. Recent studies have indicated that traditional multilayer network architecture based on the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model may not be suitable for 4G mobile network, whereby transactions of short packets will be the vital part of traffic within the channels.

5G Networks

Five years from now (that being in 2020), humanity will be surrounded with faster, more powerful wireless networks. Presently, the networks that drive our smartphones and Internet based connected devices are mainly based on 3G and 4G technologies. However, higher-performance fifth-generation technology, referred to as 5G, is coming, and it promises to take us to greater heights.

5G is considered key in regards to “The Internet of Things” (IoT), the name given to the idea of encompassing just about anything and everything into the Internet. Billions of sensors will be built into cars, appliances, health monitors, security systems, door locks and wearables. Gartner, an Analyst firm predicts that the amount of networked devices will rise up from approximately 5 billion in 2015 to 25 billion by 2020.

According to Femi Adeyemi, lead mobile architect at Fujitsu. We shall have tags that will let us know of our children’s whereabouts and when they get back home and cars will be autonomously managed along the highways.

Additionally, 5G networks will be roughly 20 times faster than 4G networks. That speed opens up fascinating new capabilities. Self-driving cars can make time-critical decisions. Video chats will create the illusion of feeling like being all in the same room. And cities will be able to monitor traffic congestion, parking demands and pollution levels — and in response feed that data to your smart vehicle in real time or any smart device used for monitoring purposes.

In terms of data speed, according to the International Telecommunication Union(ITU), they decided that 5G compliant network will have to offer data speeds of up to 20Gbps(Gigabits per second) of which is 20 times faster than the 1 Gbps specifications for 4G networks. With 5G networks, it will open up access to higher 4K video content resolution as well as holographic technology via mobile networks.

Operating Systems

Various types of mobile operating systems (OS) are available for smartphones which included Android, IOS, Blackberry OS, WebOS, Symbian, Bada and Windows mobile. Among the most popular are the Android and Apple iPhone. The Android mobile operating system (OS) is developed by Google and is the first fully open source mobile OS, meaning that it is free for any cell phone mobile network.

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Designing Smartphone Apps Could Be The Wise Way To Go

A smartphone app design business could be your key to financial independence and success in the IT field. That’s because, with more and more individuals using smartphone devices, taking advantage of that technology is a must for businesses. If a business doesn’t have the personnel or the time to devote to app design, they will need to look outside for help in putting together an effective app.

So what exactly is a smartphone and why are they so important? Basically, a smartphone is any mobile device that offers advanced features with PC functionality. It’s no longer enough for users to have desktop PC’s or even laptops, they’re now reliant on handheld devices that can allow them to do anything they need to do online no matter where they are.

With this capability in the hands of millions of potential customers, it behooves businesses to put the technology to use in order to get their information in front of this audience. That means providing them with a way to quickly and easily access any business and make use of their services whether they are at home, in the car or on vacation.

There are many different operating systems that run on these devices, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Creating an effective app necessitates being able to understand each of these and work with them in order to develop an end product that is eye catching, user friendly and easily updated to stay abreast of OS upgrades.

As a skilled IT professional, this is where you can really make a difference. With a smartphone app design business you can provide an essential service to businesses that are trying to take advantage of the latest technology and don’t have the wherewithal to do it themselves. You can give them the ability to get their brand out in front of the biggest audience possible and provide the kind of tailored customer service that most customers expect.

You’ll be able to sit down with your clients and hear what they have to say, then take those ideas and translate them into an effective app. Using your ability to integrate various types of technology and weigh them against business trends, you’ll be able to come up with a design that will communicate your client’s message without costing them an arm and a leg.

This is all part of the process when it comes to designing mobile apps and it is something that could make your business stand out from the rest. By tapping into this end of the marketing and development field, with a unique command of technology and design, you’ll have companies flocking to your door to meet their own design needs.

Starting an online IT business can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right skills and know how to put them to use for you. Consider the possibility of a smartphone app design business and you could be giving yourself a real advantage. Smartphones are the wave of the future and tapping into this field could be the wisest business decision you’ll ever make!

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