Android mobile phones

With the Stagefright bug posing some real threat to millions of Android smartphone users, Google is under the pressure of rolling out security updates on a regular basis. The stagefright bug is known to be the worst Android bug ever discovered and has supposedly troubled as many as 950 million devices. Researchers working on mobile security have raised public alerts, leaving Google under the pressure of working concretely on this issue.

A few days ago, researchers at Zimperium issued warning against the Android operating system. They claimed to have found major security concerns at the centre of the Android operating system. The bug is believed to be so notorious that it allows hackers to attack almost one billion cell phones simply by sending a viral MMS message. In fact, it can even affect the smartphone even if the user does not open the message. The codes in the message are so malicious that it will let the hacker have full control over the device without the owner’s knowledge.

Some sources have added that according to these researchers fixing the issue would require the devices to have firmware updates that can reconfigure the total operating system. Along with Google, Android manufacturers too have been gearing up to combat this serious issue. Google has already started working on this issue for its Nexus devices. Google will also be coordinating with its Android partners on these patches.
Google said it is aware of how serious the Stagefright bug is. However, a company spokesperson also added that the critical bug was identified on older Android devices and as per their knowledge no one has been affected. Adrian Ludwig, lead engineer for Android security, revealed that 90% of Android devices have the ASLR technology support that gives protection against the issue.

Another announcement by Ludwig had disclosed that the Nexus smartphones and tabs will be receiving monthly security updates, with each product having Google’s support for two to three years. All the fixes that Google releases will be available on the Android Open Source project.

Post the Stagefright bug issue, big shot Android device manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony have also been in the line of tightening their security concerns by following patches released by Google. Samsung and LG have also spoken on their intentions of providing users with monthly security updates.